My interests

The latest version of the main Turing Machine program is dated 2024-06-16

A computer program dated 2024-03-14 to just find all the endpoints for a single CS by running the TM in reverse.

The latest main version of Turing Machine analysis paper is dated 2024-07-09 latex source version

The latest version of the pdf or tex version of the draft paper relating analytic functions to their behaviours at their singular points is dated 2023-08-30

txt is part of the previous version of the paper on analytic functions probably not needed there and pdf is the same in pdf format and is dated 2023-02-16

My interests are divided into two categories, my own personal ones (hobbies etc.) listed here and my work-related interests. These overlap these somewhat and are connected with analysis and presentation of genomics data from high throughput sequencing of RNA and DNA from plant genetics and breeding experiments. The recent papers in this area in which I have been involved can be found from the Researchgate link at the bottom.

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